The Arctic Blog: Intro

Hello there chaps!

On a particularly chilly day in Canterbury I thought I would start a new blog, second to my current one ‘MeowFund’ which is all about endangered tigers and other big cats. Please follow if you love big cats!

As I was flicking through a WWF ‘Vanishing Animals’ book earlier, and arrived at the polar bear page I thought to myself…

There are so many other animals besides big cats, that also need a helping hand (or paw).

So here is a new topic, new blog, new animals in need of help. I be updating this blog daily with pictures, articles, links and videos all about the polar regions and the wildlife that inhabit it.

I’m currently doing an Open University science course on the polar regions, so if I come across anything awesome in my studies, no doubt it’ll go straight on the blog!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this blog!

Hannah X

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